Our Mission

Our Mission:  

WorldStartup.ngo helps people in developing countries grow existing startups that benefit their communities, their countries, and the world.

A “passionate startup” is an early commercial endeavor that wants to “do good and do it well” and wants to improve their community, country, world.  We believe that “passionate startups” are a key indicator of the health of a population and we believe that “passionate startups” are worth helping in any way possible. WorldStartup.ngo helps “passionate startups” by: 1) Listening: working with startups to figure out how we can help 2) Connecting: connecting startups with the resources that they need 3) Empowering: building startups into successful enterprises that encourage others to form startups.

Current areas of expertise:  Connection to resources | Conceptual consulting | Tech infrastructure (Web and social media presence, Software development consulting) | English

Our Principles:

  • We are passionate about the uplifting power of startups
  • We help startups that have created themselves organically… we do not create startups
  • We recognize that not all startups are “passionate startups”.  We will keep updating our definition of a “passionate startup” to make sure that we are serving startups that aspire to be beneficial to the community, country, world.  We also recognize that there is risk in an NGO that helps some and not others and we will work to ensure that our criteria is not based on race, sex, religion, or ethnic grounds.
  • We prefer to be a lean “good enough and improving” organization that is following their mission with honesty and integrity
  • We believe that the workings of an NGO should be transparent… particularly in financial matters
  • We value simplicity above all else in solving problems
  • We avoid politics and political issues

Why an NGO?

We often get asked, “what is an NGO?”.

A non-governmental organization (NGO) is generally considered to be any non-state, nonprofit, voluntary organization. As a non-state entitity, an NGO is generally independent from government influence—it is not a part of or controlled by government or an intergovernmental agency…
As a voluntary organization, an NGO is not required to exist by law, but is formed by private initiative, resulting from voluntary actions of individuals.

from The NGO Handbook

We are also often asked, “are you a real NGO?”.

The term NGO is interpreted in many ways.  We are not registered by the United Nations,  however we feel that the term NGO fits us nicely.  We are an international organization that is not affiliated with any government, religious, or political cause.  We are a diverse group of people that believe that Startups are beneficial to human populations and should be supported when they have goals that benefit their communities, their countries, and the world.